Dental Fees

At Fraserburgh Dental our pricing is always transparent, giving you great value for the services that we provide. Our dentists and dental hygienists will provide a treatment plan prior to the start of any dental treatment. 

Please see below for our current prices for most general dental treatments along with pricing for dental implants and teeth straightening at our Fraserburgh Dental practices.

General Dentistry

  • Examination No Charge
  • Two Small X-Rays £5.44
  • Simple Gum Treatment (Scale & Polish) £12.36
  • Small Amalgam (Silver) Filling £8.44
  • Large Amalgam (Silver) Filling £21.60
  • Root Canal Treatment (Front Tooth) £45.52
  • Single Crown (Front Tooth) £81.92
  • Simple Extraction (One Tooth) £7.76
  • Complete (Upper & Lower) Dentures £171.04

Private Treatment Charges

  • Exam £35.00
  • Scale Single Visit £60.00
  • Scale Two Visit £120.00
  • X-Ray £5.00
  • Panoramic £60.00

Dental Implants

  • Single Implant £2125

    Includes Implant + Abutment + Crown + CBCT (Specialist Report + OPG)

  • Implant Retained 2 Unit Bridge £2625

    Includes Implant + Abutment + Crown + CBCT (Specialist Report + OPG)

  • Implant Retained 3 Unit Bridge £4625

    Includes Implant + Abutment + Crown + CBCT (Specialist Report + OPG)


Invalisgn Packages Includes assessment + Opg + Clincheck Video Simulation + Aligner Treatment + Refinement Aligners + Retainers + Teeth Bleaching
  • Invisalign Lite Package £3260
  • Invisalign Comprehensive Package £4260

    Free aligners if any relapse within 5 years

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Tooth whitening £100
  • White fillings £100
  • Composite veneers £100
  • Porcelain onlay £100
  • Porcelain veneers £100

Treatment Charges

NHS Treatment is free for
• everyone aged under 26
• pregnant women
• nursing mothers until their baby is 12 months old
• those with certificated exemption from payment because of income
Are you included in an award of:
• Income Support?
• Universal Credit?
◦ And had no earnings or net earnings (take-home pay) of £435 or less during the most recent assessment period;* or

◦ Which includes an element for a child and/or limited capability for work or limited capability for work related activity, and had no earning (take-home pay) or net earnings of £935 or less during the most recent assessment period.*

• Income-related Employment and Support Allowance?

• Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance?

• Pension Credit Guarantee Credit? or

• Do you have an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate?

* Your assessment period will run for a calendar month from the date of your claim for Universal Credit (which will be shown on your award notice), and between the same dates each month after that.

If the answer is YES to any of the above then you are entitled to Free NHS Dental Treatment.

Dental Costs

Unless you are in one of the groups entitled to free NHS dental treatment or help with the cost you will require to pay 80% of

the cost of your NHS dental treatment up to a maximum of £384 per course of treatment.

Examples of costs for some types of NHS treatment are shown in the table below. Fees are as of 1st Dec 2021.

Please note that NHS fee structure is complex and varies considerably from patient to patient depending of the treatment required.